Top 5 Hidden Mobile Spy Apps

Top 5 Hidden Mobile Spy Apps – Best Mobile Spy Apps

You might have a hunch that spying is a wrong thing to do. But it is not so in all the case and always. It is not so when you do spying for a good cause and if it will really do a good to someone. It is one way that is also referred to track or close observation. Parents might have the need to spy their children to safeguard them. May be an employer can spy his employee for better work output. The same way, a unit of defence may do it for security purposes.

 Top 5 Hidden Mobile Spy Apps - Best Mobile Spy Apps
Top 5 Hidden Mobile Spy Apps – Best Mobile Spy Apps

There are many good reasons behind spying. But, most of the people use it for wrong reasons.

Come on; Let us know the top 5 Mobile Spy Apps.

#1 Free Mobile Spy SpyZee

#1 Free Mobile Spy SpyZee
#1 Free Mobile Spy SpyZee

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An app that spies your cell phone. It takes care of all your private, personal and professional safety needs in digital mode. This app is trustworthy. It is trusted by thousands of business persons and families across the world.

This free mobile spy considered the next generation software. Net Spy App records

  • All the incoming and outgoing calls
  • SMS and
  • All the information of the actions that take place on the target phone.

It tracks the location and other apps that are installed on the target device. Apps such as whatSapp, Facebook, Viber and much more are also tracked by the spy app. It also has got the facility of the free trial. This free trial helps you in giving the test of the application.

All those apps installed on the target’s device are undetectable. They can be hidden. Over the time and years, the apps for spying have undergone evolution. The latest trend is that you can install and use the spy apps without the target’s device.

Here are few things that keep a track of your loved ones and Employees activities. They are undetectable too

GPS Tracker

This feature is a boon for parents, especially the employed parents. This spying app provided by the spying applications. It’s quite impossible to follow your kids everywhere and every time. But this GPS option installed by these applications makes it possible for parents to monitor their child’s location sitting in one place.

Phone Calls tracker

With this, it’s possible to record all the calls processed by your child. You can track the entire call logs. You can know the time, duration, date and all other details for which the target has engaged on a call. You can also fetch all the information from the caller.


You can assure to whom your child, employee or spouse is chatting with. Text messages have become the most fame and preferred way of communication. It is also a popular way of sharing information.

Access Instant Messenger Chats

Track the entire social media app with this feature. It tracks all the messages sent or received through any social app. It can be easily monitored. The information can be provided with all the details such as time, date and the content of each message. This includes Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, and others.

Record Phone Calls

Not only messages, you can also record all the incoming and outgoing calls via the tracked cell phone. With more options, you can perform with regard to calls. You will also record these calls, and later you can listen to them anytime.

Live Surroundings

The ambient listening feature helps the parent to listen to all the surrounding voices of the phone. Make a hidden call, so that you can listen to everything that is going to your child. It is similar to the conversation going on in the room.

View Photos, Videos & Calendar Entries

Access to all multimedia files such as the videos, audios, movies, GIF, images, on your child mobile is awesome. Watch the hidden and encrypted files even. Whenever an update takes place in the multimedia content, you will receive a notification.

Remotely Control Target Phone/Tablet

Each data and information is updated in the online control panel. It enables you to access anytime. This app allows you to send commands to the targeted device about a specific activity you want it to perform. It is 100% detectable.

The app works behind the access platform. Hence it is undetectable. The user whom you spy will never come to know about the app existence on their mobile phone. So you can keep track their works without any fear.


We exist on the planet where we interact with many people daily. So as others also interact with someone new either in the real world or the virtual world. In this situation, you may fear if your loved ones will be addicted to the online world. So you might need the help of this software. You can compare their behaviour with yours and others. With comparing you can also find reasons and solution for problems. The below-listed points will explain the needs of free phone spying spy app.

  • Employee Monitoring– wanna know if your staff is working well? Check out the activities of them during their work time. You can know how dedicated they own towards organizational goals. You could come to Know the priorities and interests. You can reject those candidates who will not meet the organizational goals. And those who have no calibre to respect the rules, ethics, and privacy of their co-workers. You can check data usage, to know if they had wasted the valuable office hours in chats or wasted in some useful task. It will help you to generate better results and output in the future.
  • Parental Control– though parents are so busy with their work, they are still under stress. Their thoughts and fear concerned about their kids who spend time in the virtual world. Those parents definitely need a Mobile Spy. This helps to know what their kids do in their spare time. Which is essential to have an eye on their kids, teenagers in particular? It is necessary to keep your children close to you so that you can teach them the best morals. Let them understand the value of blood relations. The blood relations matter much more than the relationships developed over the internet. Keep them away from bullies and observe what they post on social sites. It’s you who have to understand their needs and problems. You can sort them out with proper conversation.
  • Catch Cheating Spouse– not only life is about giving and taking. Its also love that has got the same policy. When a relationship treated with proper love and cares the same is returned. The same way, when you spend appropriate time with them, you will get the same. But when its contrary and problem persists, its time to get a perfect Phone Spying app. Follow them, check their texts, calls media files and much more. Know with whom and with what type of people they spend time with. Understand their expectations from you and make them also understand your expectations. Get to know each other well and establish a strong bonding forever. Too much of engagement in your professionalism will result in the loss of your loved ones. Spy on them so that you can make yourself the best partner as they want.
  • Phone Security– does your data needs security? Choose reliable spy software and transfer your data into it. You can protect it from all threats and move it every time. When others try to operate your phone, you can notice this as the seized data immediately. It secures from robbers and wipes the entire data with a single command.

This application brings you many considerable advantages. They always make your task easier with the benefits. Some of these benefits are:


This application works well with any operating systems and platforms. So never bother about the operating systems used in the devices. It can be perfect for Android devices and also for iOS supported iPhone and iPod’s. Can be used according to different needs.

24 Hours of guidance:

Though it’s easier, there are many doubts flowing in your mind about this application. To clarify your doubts, we have the best panel of experts. These panel experts are available to guide you 24×7. The team involves a well-trained expert who can help you to make out the best of this mobile spy app. You can clear anything you doubt about and carry on your task again.

Saves your time:

It’s a perfect time saver for you. You need not search for different solutions for different problems. This will provide solutions to all your problems at a single place. This way it saves a lot of your time and efforts.

Do it from anywhere:

All the app tasks are to be done with the assistance of Internet. So this allows you to complete from anywhere you are. It’s not necessary that you be near the target user or the target phone for a perfect spying.

Make a try on this!

A different experience is awaiting you. More interesting facts will be explored when you use this phone spy software for spying a cell phone. This can actually and perfectly support you to track activities on smartphones. Each and everything you demand will be covered. This application can be used for cell phone tracking. This will definitely benefit you.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy

One of the most reliable and accurate spying apps in the market. It has got a lot of varying options. It is ideal for most purposes. You can own it and it does your job done without any hiccups.


  1. You can track
  • Call logs,
  • Text messages,
  • Contacts,
  • Whatsapp,
  • Browser history,
  • Reminders,
  • Calendar activities,
  • Notes,
  • Apps,
  • Photos and videos.
  1. You don’t need to jailbreak the target iPhone or ipad.
  2. You don’t need to install an extra app on the target device.
  3. Very easy to setup and use.


  1. It unsupport spying on Facebook messenger.
  2. Price – $29.99 per month

Get started to read the tutorial on

#3 XySpy

#3 XySpy
#3 XySpy

This is more popular among buyers due to its GPS tracker, reading contacts, and notes features.


  1. One of the notable features of spy bubble is, you can control various applications on a phone.
  2. You can block certain contact numbers, URL or addictive and time-consuming games.

Cons: FREE

Download link-

#4 FreePhoneSpy

This app is recommended if you want to prevent your children from searching certain keywords on their smartphone. It’s innovative and designed primarily for saving your data and information from children.


  1. You can set a keyword and the software will detect the searches based on it.
  2. The option of many features like other apps included lets you to view call and SMS records.
  3. Moreover, you can define the area where your kids should be allowed to go.
  4. If they trespass the banned area, you will get an alert.


  1. Important spying features like live call recording, being focused on children is unavailable.
  2. Price – Mobile Spy for three months is available for $49.97. Single month subscription is unavailable.

Download link-

#5 Spyera

Now you can listen to live incoming and outgoing calls. Listen to them besides tracking IM chats, call logs and internet history. You can even change the password on the target phone. If the sim card is changed, you will get a notification.


  1. Monitor other smartphones in just a few clicks.
  2. Special added live call recording features and even spying in IM chats.
  3. You can even spy on VoIP apps and even cameras.


  1. One of the costlier spying apps in the current era.
  2. Price – It is priced at $189 for 3 months for an iPhone.
Review: Top 5 Best Android Spy Apps
  • #1 SpyZee
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 XySpy
  • #4 FreePhoneSpy
  • #5 Spyera
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