Top 8 Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid’s Android or iPhone

Here is the top 8 Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid’s Android or iPhone

A kid is not conscious of all of the terrible things which are found in the world. A parent tries their very best to keep their child safe and secure with means necessary. Many parents want to supply their child phones at a tiny age for their protection. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand what exactly does your children use the telephone for. The subsequent 8 programs allow you to check the actions on your kid’s phone remotely.

Here is the top 8 Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid's Android or iPhone
Here is the top 8 Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid’s Android or iPhone

– Part 1. Top Best Apps to Spy on Your Kids
– Part 2: Why Do You Need to Spy on Your Kid’s Phone?

Part 1. Top Best 8 Apps to Spy on Your Kids

Part 1. Top Best 8 Apps to Spy on Your Kids
Part 1. Top Best 8 Apps to Spy on Your Kids

1) TrackerFree

TrackerFree is a parental control tool which was intended for the parents who need spy kid’s phone. However, these days, it’s utilized for all the other features that were added to the software for different factors. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS apparatus.

The basic features of TrackerFree are cited below:

– Spy on 29 different kinds of information on the phone, such as text messages, calls, photos, videos, societal networking messages, place, etc..
– Fully compatible with various browsers on every apparatus.
– Remotely read messages on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Wechat, etc..
– Your child won’t ever understand he’s monitored.

2) TheTruthSpy

The TheTruthSpy program is designed to be an all-purpose spy program. It may be used to spy on a child’s phone, protect your kids, and monitor your workers. It was meant to be a stage for all of the mobile phones, tablet computers , and computers. TheTruthSpy is one of the most effective and imperceptible software for tracking and monitoring.

Price: $20.99/month


– The monitoring process is so good it is used by services to find lost phones.
– It has an amazing interface that makes it easy to use.
– The customer inspection is great and is highly recommended by users.


– It is quite expensive software.
– The customer support is not good.
– there’s no money-back guarantee for the software.

3) PhoneSpying

This app was also designed as a parental control program for those parents that had to spy on kid’s phone, monitor their place, calls, messages, along with societal networking accounts. They have been the world’s leading software designer of tracking and monitoring apps for at least 5 decades.

Cost: FREE


– It provides amazing and unique characteristics to maintain the track of your child.
– You can monitor all the social networking programs and fully access them without anybody’s knowledge.
– It is very economical compared to other software applications.


– It is very expensive software.
– You may need to get a little used to of the port before you completely understand it.

4) Phonesheriff

The PhoneSheriff software was especially designed to spy kid’s phone. It is well-known for the reliability of its service and features. This program is quite useful in regards to tracking the rest of the functionalities of your kid’s phone. This software can be used with all the Android operating system just. It supported IOS devices also but that support has been stopped because of some issues.

Price: $49


– It’s reliable software and developed by a few of the most reputed companies in business.
– The extra features are amazing and permit you to monitor all the activities of your kid.


– There are some features like keylogging and phone call recording which are inaccessible for some devices.

5) Flexispy

The Flexispy is one of the world’s most popular software for tracking and monitoring of mobile phones, tablets, and computers. With the support of all Flexispy, you are able to see data without log into any site. It is possible to choose which data you want to track along with the two – factor authentication offers additional security features. It’s available for all of the operating system if it is Apple IOS, Android, Mac, or Windows PC.

Cost: $199


– This program comes with amazing capabilities.
– it’s very effective for both personal and professional use.


– There are some features that are not provided to IOS users.
– It is a bit expensive for monitoring software.

6) Mobistealth

The Mobistealth software will help to safeguard personal interests by enabling monitoring of different phone actions. It allows you to track all of the phone pursuits and send them to your Mobistealth account. It operates without allowing your device’s owner know about the spying program. It supports both the Android and iOS apparatus.

Cost: $33.33


– It has an simple to use interface and provides a detailed report of the target device actions.
– This program monitor and monitors the other apparatus efficiently.
– It comes with a money back guarantee of 30 days.


– It does not offer a lot of features as compared to other spying applications.

7) Highster Mobile

It’s software that can track any smartphone almost without becoming noticed. Highster is an innovative phone spy application through which you may monitor your nearest and dearest, track employees at the office, and spy on kid’s phone to place a limitation to their online pursuits.

Cost: $79.99


– This program is actually easy to use. Simply install it on your device, create a new account using valid email id and password and get a routine update of the telephone that you want to track.
– As you cover only a onetime charge, it’s comparatively cheaper than other programs.


– The features provided by the Highster program are very basic.

8) Spymaster Pro

It’s among the safest software for cell phone monitoring and tracking. When it is your own family, friends or your office employees, it is possible to track their phones remotely. The main features offered by Spymaster Pro are hangout monitoring, phone, SMS, GPS, Web Browser monitoring, email tracking, social media tracking, and other installed programs monitoring.


– Spymaster Pro provides a number of methods to track smartphones.
– Its prices are rather low as compared to other program software.


– You have to pay monthly for the plan rather than a long-term payment.

Part 2: Why Do You Want To Spy on Your Kid’s Phone?

The kids aren’t mature enough to comprehend the effects of their actions. This gives a valid reason for the parents to spy on their kid. Some of those reasons are discussed below:

– The kid entering an unsafe zone: A parent understands that there are a few places in each city which should not be visited in ungodly hours. Tracking their phone will allow the parents know that they are getting in an dangerous zone and they’re able to return to their rescue.
– Identity theft on societal websites: The social media has impacted everyone in the world. Identity theft is a large issue for adults too, but it is okay because they understand how to handle situations. However, for children, identity theft can lead to a significant change in their own life and can also spoil their picture.
– Texting strangers: children aren’t usually good at estimating the character of different persons to be aware of their goals towards them. That’s the reason why a parent has to be aware of whom their kid is getting involved and how it’s affecting his/her personality.
– Browsing unauthentic and insignificant content: Sometimes by injury, children come across some content which is not applicable in accordance with their age. Having an access for their browsing history, a parent may possess both good and poor understanding for their children. And they can give proper guidelines to their kids to be a fantastic person.
– Cyberbullying: There are many people on the internet that abuses and replicate each action of someone. This can have a negative influence on your child’s mind. Thus, the parents need to get knowledge of those issues to guard their kids from cyberbullying.
– Poor content on Social networking: The active users of social media platform have a right to share any kind of data. However, they don’t possess a respect that what sort of audience is going to have access to that material. So, to make sure no poor content wind up lying on your kid’s profile is also significant.

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